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Message from the Vice President


Graduate Program in Sustainability Science (GPSS) was launched in 2007 as the interdepartmental program among five departments in the Division of Environmental Studies in the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences.

Since the issues we are facing today such as climate change and energy crisis are highly complex, uncertain, and interdependent matters, inevitably they urge us to transform from conventional sectionalized approaches to trans-disciplinary and collaborative approaches. In this sense, GPSS functioned not only as a platform for the integration of the disciplines, but also a leading program for creating the current of the sustainability science.

Succeeding this legacy, GPSS-GLI aims at growing global leaders who have creativity, broad visions, and high communication skills to confront the complex and difficult issues that our world is facing through holistic and transboundary approaches supported by the very best Japanese and international faculty and by an outstanding curriculum.


Representative of GPSS-GLI,
Vice President,
The University of Tokyo