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Program Outline

Program Objectives

GPSS-GLI provides the training necessary that enables future global leaders to make a profound impact on sustainability science and sustainable development. As a collaborative effort between the United Nations University (UNU) and the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, GPSS-GLI combines the educational resources and international research networks of leading academic institutions and thereby provides students with the training and opportunities necessary to become global leaders. Through intensely specialized studies and general education as well as international and practical experience, students can (i) develop the skills necessary for global leadership, (ii) acquire a broad perspective and problem solving capabilities, and (iii) learn to apply the concept of "resilience" both theoretically and practically.

Program Features

  1. Combined Master's and Doctoral degree program based on a integrated educational program that aims to train individuals to be leaders for developing sustainable societies
  2. Interdisciplinary education and English-only curriculum attracting students with diverse backgrounds from around the world and emphasizing student-faculty interaction
  3. Strong international sustainability research and education networks as evidenced by collaboration with UNU and other leading international universities in sustainability research to provide considerable educational opportunities to students
  4. Outstanding opportunities to gain international experience through joint-diplomas with UNU and other foreign universities, through internships at United Nations affiliates and other international organizations, and through exchange programs
  5. Practical education through fieldwork and internships in research fields as diverse as disaster recovery, development, environmental conservation, and urbanization and depopulation, and others
  1. Training in real-world problem solving and future planning through collaboration with corporate partners
  2. October (fall) enrollment to actively promote international exchange opportunities with universities and other institutions abroad by more closely-linked academic schedules
  3. University-wide cooperation led by the Integrated Research System for Sustainability Science (IR3S) and the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, also based on strong ties with the university's Graduate School of Engineering, Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, Graduate School of Medicine, and the Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute
  4. Training for future global leaders who will, through GPSS-GLI's transdisciplinary linkages, acquire the broad perspective and experience necessary to contribute to global sustainability