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Basic Concept

The GPSS-GLI curriculum is comprised of three pillars:

  1. Foundation and specialized courses covering key issues related to sustainability
  2. Diverse theoretical and practical exercises aimed at enhancing such skills as communication, systems thinking, social surveys, and data analysis through real-world training and debate experience
  3. Comprehensive research process spanning from elucidation of research topic through to research framework development and leading to compilation of Master's thesis and PhD dissertation.

The integrated character of the Master's and Doctoral programs allows students to acquire the basic knowledge and skills related to sustainability in the Master's degree; and then after having acquired international experience and leadership skills, to combine these skills in the Doctoral degree.

Resilience as a keyword throughout the entire curriculum

The curriculum of the GPSS-GLI revolves around the keyword "resilience". Examining disaster reconstruction and the challenges of climate change, renewable energy and so on, the overarching purpose of the program is to train students to skillfully harmonize the short-term resolution of immediate risks with a long-term view of sustainability.