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Seminar Courses on Sustainability Science

GPSS-GLI Student Seminar

GPSS-GLI seminar is a peer learning forum for all the students in the program. This weekly seminar provides students from various backgrounds with the opportunities to present their research to other students and faculty members. The inter-disciplinary nature of this seminar intends to improve student's presentation skills, to inspire research of Sustainability Science, and to give opportunity to learn the wide range of disciplines' knowledge, concepts, and methodologies related to Sustainability Science. In this sense, GPSS-GLI seminar is regarded as the main pillar of our program. We hope that this seminar will develop the future of Sustainability Science.

Virtual Graduate Seminar

Virtual Graduate Seminar is organized based on students' initiative under the course, Advanced Concepts and Methodologies of Sustainability Science, which aims to provide doctoral students with an opportunity to deepen their understanding of key concepts in sustainability science and to explore different methodological approaches. This seminar is connected with graduate students of partner universities in Asia and Africa via TV conference system to discuss contextualization issues of sustainability including the concept of 'resilience'. The students enrolled in the course are assigned to team up with peer(s) in one of the partner universities, lead a comparative examination exercise, organize a discussion session, and prepare a paper as the final outcome of the course work. Targeted learning outcomes of this seminar are: (i) in-depth understanding of key concepts and alternative methodological approaches in sustainability science, (ii) strengthening of capacity for trans-boundary thinking, and (iii) improvement of skills and attitude for assuming research leadership.