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English Support

GPSS-GLI offers English support programs for non-native English speakers.

All the courses in GPSS-GLI are conducted in English, and students are required to write papers and make presentations in English.

John Freeman


I'm John Freeman. I’ve been helping students, administrative staff, professors, researchers, business people, and others in Japan for more than 40 years and have started English consulting services here on the Kashiwa campus since February 2010. If you have any English problems and need some assistance, I will be more than happy to do what I can to help you.

John Freeman
Project Professor, GPSS-GLI

1. Technical Writing and Presentation Courses

Making both seminar and poster session presentations GPSS-GLI students is an integral part of the program. To support students, technical writing and presentation courses offered every term two times every year. For GPSS-GLI students only1-on-1 individual presentation training is available through the academic year. In addition, special workshops on technical writing are also provided twice a year during term breaks to everyone on campus. Student support is also provided in the preparation of English manuscripts when students submit an article of their research to a journal. Course Description

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2. Critical Thinking Courses

The content-based courses in the GPSS-GLI program are complemented with some skill-based courses in Critical thinking, which is so much a part of every step of the research process: from the original idea until publication. Critical thinking teaches researchers to be curious, objective, openminded, skeptical, and systematic. Critical thinking is all about asking questions: asking quality questions in the search of understanding and truth.

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3. Job Interview Training

For students who wish to get a job at gaishikei company after graduation, special training can be arranged for practicing how to answer interview questions in English.