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Doctoral Student

Photo Name Graduated Nationality Supervisor Thesis Title
Nadeeka Niranji SATANARACHCHI March 24, 2015 Sri Lankan MINO Takashi

Conceptualizing Sustainability Dynamics: A Framework for Interface of Complex Dynamics and Sustainability in Human-Natural Systems Shogo Kudo March 24, 2015 Japanese NAGAO Masafumi

Sustainability of Rural Areas in the Era of Aging Societies

Victor Ramil Marius Tronco TUMILBA November 27, 2015 Filipino YARIME Masaru

Quantifying Robustness of the Philippine Milkfish Brackish-Pond Resource Network: An Ex-Post Study of Systemic Efficiency and Resilience Gu Jianping March 24, 2016 Chinese ASAMI Yasushi

List Price Strategy and Vacancy Rate in Housing Market: Theoretical Model and Its Application to 23 Wards Area in Tokyo Joanne Khew March 24, 2016 Singaporean YOKOHARI Makoto

Contextualizing Urban Biodiversity Conservation: Landscape Perception and Habitat-type Irreplaceability Marcin Pawel Jarzebski March 24, 2016 Polish YAMAMOTO Hirokazu

Resilience of Community Forestry -A Case Study of Community- Based Forest Management Program in the Philippines Assessed with the Tri-Capital Framework- RYU Hyun Young March 24, 2016 Korean DEGUCHI Atsushi

Transformation of Industrial Cities and Sustainable Urban Development Dan L. NGUYEN June 30, 2016 Vietnamese MINO Takashi


Uncontrolled Growth and Urban Green Area Provision in Peripheral Cities of Jakarta Metroplitan Area Mahdi K. IKHLAYEL September 16, 2016 Jordanian TASAKI Tomohiro

Life Cycle Assessment of Integrated E-waste Management Systems for Developing Countries: Assessment in Jordan James Michael Ong December 31, 2016 Filipino HONDA Riki

Exploring the Role of Risk Sharing on Post-disaster Housing Recovery Decision-making in the Philippines Lan Huong Nguyen December 31, 2016 Vietnamese FUKUSHI Kensuke

Low-Carbon Watershed Management : Integration of Renewable Energy Supply and Decentralized Wastewater Treatment – A Case Study in Vietnam Eri Amasawa March 24, 2017 Japanese HANAKI Keisuke

Environmental Consequences of E-Book Reader: Implications of Changing Consumption Pattern and Consumer Satisfaction

Nael Aoun March 24, 2017 Lebanon Hirotaka Matsuda

Agricultural Livelihoods, Dietary, Diversity, and Stunting in Rwanda

Sudipta Bhawal Mukherji March 24, 2017 Indian MINO Takashi

A Study on Resident Knowledge, Willingness to Engage, and Participation in Waste Management in Delhi, India Yasuko Kusakari March 24, 2017 Japanese TAKEUCHI Kazuhiko

Community-Level Capacity Assessment for Sustainable Development In Rural Africa Doreen Allasiw June 27, 2017 Filipino MINO Takashi

Institutional arrangements for enhancing sustainable community-based irrigation: the case of Northern Sagada, Philippines

http://www.sustainability.k.u-tokyo.ac.jp/images/warathida-1.jpg Warathida Chaiyapa September 15, 2017 Thai ESTEBAN Miguel

A comparative analysis of Oil and Gas corporate strategies to climate change mitigation in Southeast Asia Giles Bruno SIOEN September 15, 2017 Belgian YOKOHARI Makoto

Achieving resilience with urban agriculture in cities: Quantifying vegetable and nutritional self-sufficiency for food security during post-disaster situations in Tokyo, Japan TEAH Heng Yi September 15, 2017 Malaysian ONUKI Motoharu

Environmental an social impact analysis for sustainability assessment 

-Comparison of mineral and recycled phosphorus fertilizers in Japan-

http://www.sustainability.k.u-tokyo.ac.jp/images/Y_profile.jpg YOSHIDA Yuki March 31, 2018 Japanese FUKUSHI Kensuke ABUBAKARI Ahmed September 14, 2018 Ghanaian GASPARATOS Alexandros

Sustainability assessment of biofuel feedstock options in Ghana JAMERO Ma Laurice Preciado September 14, 2018 Filipino ONUKI Motoharu

Impact of Mobile Money on Individuals’ Payments and Investments: Evidence from Ghana DJALILOVA Nigora March 25, 2019 Uzbekistan Miguel Esteban

Transition to Renewable Energy Systems in Uzbekistan:
Sustainability issues and challenges NAIDOO Merle March 25, 2019 South African GASPARATOS Alexandros

Corporate Environmental Sustainability (CES) in the retail sector: The case of Japanese and South African supermarket companies ASOKAN Vivek Anand June 27, 2019 Indian YARIME Masaru

Concepts and Methodologies of Data Informed Approaches for Sustainability – A Relational Approach for Policy and Research: A case of Monsoon Asia TANTIWECHWUTTIKUL Ranaporn June 27, 2019 Thai ITO Kohzo

Sectoral systems of innovation: A case study of solar photovoltaics KARANJA Alice Ruguru September 14, 2019 Kenyan GASPARATOS Alexandros
Adoption and impacts of clean bioenergy cooking technologies in rural Kenya: A transect approach in Muranga and Kiambu counties RATNAYAKAGE Sameera September 14, 2019 Sri Lankan SASAKI Jun

Evaluation of Coastal Erosion Processes And Management In A Developing Country: A Case Study In Marawila Beach, Sri Lanka Shyam Kularathna September 14, 2019 Sri Lankan TAKAGI Ken

Evaluation of public acceptance and co-existence strategies of marine renewable energy development in Japan

Master's Student

Photo Name Graduated Nationality Supervisor Thesis Title
ENDO Tamami March 24, 2014 Japanese YAMAJI Eiji

Comparative Study on Implementation System of Modern Varieties: Nerica in Contemporary Sub-Sahara Africa and Modern Variety Wheat during Green Revolution in Mexico, India, and Pakistan Bror Martin KARLSSON March 24, 2014 Swedish YARIME Masaru

Smart Grid Innovation Processes and The Social Construction of Technology in Japan and The USA

MIHASHI Rina March 24, 2014 Japanese YARIME Masaru

Integrating Human Capital, Investment, Institution, and Natural Resource: Empirical Evidence for Their Relationships with Economic Growth and Development Nael Aoun March 24, 2014 Lebanese MATSUDA Hirotaka

Determinants of Stunting in Eastern Rwanda Tomomi Shimizu March 24, 2014 Japanese YARIME Masaru

Responsible Supply Chain Management as Compliance, Conventional, or Strategic Csr: A Case Study of Conflict Minerals Management in Electronics Companies in Japan, Europe, and The United States Wonjin JEONG March 24, 2014 Korean MINO Takashi

Investigation on Corporate Practices in Employee Sustainability Education and Their Engagement in Corporate Sustainability Inggita Utami September 26, 2014 Indonesian YAMAMOTO Hirokazu

Analysis of Forest Management and External Stakeholder Support: Study of Forest Certification in Indonesian Private Forest Chihiro KIYONAGA September 26, 2014 Japanese NAGO Masafumi

Community Perspectives on Sustainable Community Development in a Mining Area in South Africa XU Luyi September 26, 2014 Chinese YOKOHARI Makoto

The Role of Urbanities in Sustaining Urban Agriculture: A Case Study of Shanghai YIN Shengle September 26, 2014 Chinese KIMURA Shingo

Selection of Suitable Coastal Aquaculture Sites Using Hydrodynamic Model and Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis in Menai Strait, UK ZHOU Tianyi September 26, 2014 Chinese HORITA Masahide

Analyzing the Impact of Ecological Restoration Projects in Dry Lands: A Case Study on Vegetation Responses and People’s Perceptions in Lower Reaches of Heihe River Basin, China Warathida Chaiyapa September 26, 2014 Thai Miguel Esteban

A Study on Sectoral Approaches to Climate Change Mitigation for Upstream Oil and Gas Industry in Thailand China YAMADA March 24, 2015 Japanese YOKOHARI Makoto

Redefining Residential Density: Directions for Vacant Lot Management in Shrinking Suburban Environments Jarkko HAVAS March 24, 2015 Finnish HANAKI Keisuke

Perceived Landscape Values in the Ogasawara Islands Tiffany Laraine Tan CHUA March 24, 2015 Filipino MINO Takashi

Refrigerant Management in the Philippines: Problems and Prospects Towards its Sustainability Tomoki SAKAGUCHI March 24, 2015 Japanese TAKAGI Ken

Marine Spatial Planning for an Ocean Current Power Farm : A Case Study of Tokara, Japan Ariunzaya Bayarsaikhan September 25, 2015 Mongolia ONUKI Motoharu

Applicability of Social Impact Bond in Japan: An Empirical Study of Yokosuka Adoption Case FAN Haibo September 25, 2015 Chinese MINO Takashi

Augmenting Analysis of Demand, Cost and Benefits of Recycled Wastewater Distribution in Beijing Municipality HOSSAIN Md Ashraf September 25, 2015 Bangladeshi YAMAMOTO Hirokazu

Alternatives to Forest Biomass Fuel for Forest Dependent Communities: A Case Study in South-Western Bangladesh Phon Dany September 25, 2015 Cambodian SASAKI Jun

Impact of Tidal Inundation on Rice Crop and Adaptation Strategies in Coastal Area of Cambodia: Case Study in Preaek Tnaot Commune, Teak Chhu District, Kampot Province, Cambodia Phon Dary September 25, 2015 Cambodian YAMAJI Eiji

Impact of Smallholders’ Agricultural Cooperatives on Productivity and on Market Participation of Vegetable Farmers in Cambodia and its Sustainability:A Case Study of Svay Rieng Agro-Products Cooperative Shun SUZUKI September 25, 2015 Japanese TASAKI Tomohiro

Enhancing Environmental Load Mitigation Benefits from Clean Energy Vehicle Incentives: In Context of Metro Vancouver SUN Ye September 25, 2015 Chinese TASAKI Tomohiro

Decomposition Analysis for Multiple Environmental Impacts: Case of Waste Generation and Co2 Emission in Soft Drink Market TAKAHASHI Kyoko September 25, 2015 Japanese HANAKI Keisuke

Sustainable Lifestyles Evaluation of Lifestyles at a Subruban Area in the Jakarta Metroplitan Area Yawen Li September 25, 2015 Chinese YOKOHARI Makoto

Small-Scale Potential Brownfield Regeneration in Tokyo: Soil Contamination Exposure Assessment Ma. Laurice P. Jamero September 25, 2015 Filipino ONUKI Motoharu

Reevaluating the Relevance of Community Participation in Post-Disaster Housing Reconstruction Programs in The Philippines Akampumuza Precious March 24, 2016 Ugandan MATSUDA Hirotaka

Weather Shocks, Rural-Urban Interlinkages and Urban Livelihood Strategies: Evidence from Kumi District of Uganda René CASTRO March 24, 2016 Costa Rican SATO Toru

Assessing Wave Power for Sustainable Development in Costa Rica: Potential Role within Energy Mix and Comparative Analysis of National Energy Sources through Triple I Index Aimee Mori September 16, 2016 USA KUROKURA Hisashi

Effects of Household Traits and Micro-Financing Programs on Community Fishery Management in Rural Cambodia Angeli Guadalupe September 16, 2016 Filipino WATANABE Chiho

Post-Disaster Mental Health: An Exploratory Study Among Super Typhoon Haiyan Survivors in Tacloban City, Philippine Liu Jiaqi September 16, 2016 Chinese TOKUNAGA Tomochika

Tsunami-Induced Seawater Intrusion and Alternative Post-Disaster Water Supply: A Numerical Modelling Study Of Niijima Island, Japan MUASA Lillian Mbinya September 16, 2016 Kenyan MATSUDA Hirotaka

Assessing Adaptive Capacity to Climate Change and Agricultural Productivity of Farming Households: A Case Study of Makueni County in Kenya Orlando Vargas Rayo September 16, 2016 Colombian HORITA Masahide

Understanding Governance of Natural Protected Areas Through Social Network Analysis in The National Natural Park Amacayacu, Amazonas Colombia Ricardo Omar SAN CARLOS ARCE September 16, 2016 Chilean ONUKI Motoharu

Risk Awareness and Intended Evacuation Behavior of International Tourists in Kamakura City, Japan Sameera Samarasekara September 16, 2016 Sri Lanka SASAKI Jun

Assessment of the Co-Benefits of Structures in Coastal Areas for Tsunami Mitigation and Improving Community Resilience in Sri Lan Shyam Kularathna September 16, 2016 Sri Lankan TAKAGI Ken

Analysis of Oceanographic Information as A Co-Benefit of Ocean Renewable Energy Projects-A Case Study of Japan’s Ocean Current Power Project Yang Jiaqi September 16, 2016 Chinese FUKUSHI Kensuke

Contributing to Sustainable Cities in China: Reduction of Nitrogen Fertilizer Application in Urban Agriculture A Case Study of Tianjin Yuka Shimamura September 16, 2016 Japanese MATSUDA Hirotaka

Transitions of Fertility in Rural Economy-A Case Study of Eastern Province of Rwanda Yulina Hane September 16, 2016 Japanese KIMURA Shingo

Analyses of Local-Scale Migration of Tuna Species Based on Historical Archives and its Mechanism Related to Oceanic Environmental Fluctuations in Japan Zhao Sijia September 16, 2016 Chinese HORITA Mashahide

Efficiency Assessment of Renewing Aging Water Supply Pipelines from the Viewpoint of Demographic Changes: A Case Study of Water Supply Service in Kashiwa City Chen Yangqing March 24, 2017 Chinese MATSUDA Hirotaka

ON AGRICULTURAL R&D Huma Mursaleen March 24, 2017 Pakistan KITAMARA Yuto

CASES OF GPSS AND LUMES Norrie Furukawa March 24, 2017 Japanese ONUKI Motoharu


Conceptualizing Global Citizenship at Japanese Secondary Schools: A Case Study on the Super Global High School Program CHOWDHURY Shaswati September 15, 2017 Bangladeshi HONDA Riki


Biomass Harvesting from Housing Dismantlement in Urban Fringe Area, Japan Katie Skillington September 15, 2017 Australian DEGUCHI Atsushi

Perceptions and Preferences of Urban Greenery in Cities Undergoing Densification – a case study of inner Melbourne, Australia KHLONGAKKHARA Sasiwimon September 15, 2017 Thai ONUKI Motoharu

FACTORS INFLUENCING THE ADOPTION OF IFFO RS STANDARD BY FISHMEAL PRODUCERS: A Case Study of Thailand MERENCHI Galappaththige Nipuni Odara September 15, 2017 Sri Lanka ESTEBAN Miguel Olang, Tabitha Atieno September 15, 2017 Kenyan ESTEBAN Miguel

Household energy choices in Kisumu city, Kenya: 1-4 A multidimensional energy poverty perspective PENG Liang September 15, 2017 Chinese ONUKI Motoharu

Dynamic Capability of Smart Business: Capturing Competitive Advantages of IoT Enterprises and Realizing Sustainability Benefits Through IoT Embedment SARASWATI Gesti September 15, 2017 Indonesia YOKOHARI Makoto

Persistence of Remnant Agriculture in Desakota Region; A Case Study of Depok Municipality and Northern Part of Bekasi District SHAHAN Sadea September 15, 2017 USA KITAMURA Yuto

Multicultural education in a globalized context: Identifying student engagement to an international school in Tokyo ZHOU Qianqian September 15, 2017 Chinese MINO Takashi

Establishing Eating Behavior Models Regarding Plate Waste in China OGUSU Tomoko March 14, 2018 Japanese IHARA Tomohiko

A survey of social factors and countermeasures for heat stroke in Kanto area, Japan CAI Yini March 14, 2018 Chinese MATSUDA Hirotaka

Knowledge Transfer in Developing Countries: A Case Study of Foreign ICT Company in Kenya

http://www.sustainability.k.u-tokyo.ac.jp/images/Richard-1.jpg CRICHTON Richard Nathan March 14, 2018 Samoa Miguel Esteban

An Evaluation Of Eunice (Palola) Viridis As A Proxy For The Sustainability Of Coastal Marine Species: A Case Study Of The Samoan Islands HENGSADEEKUL Phatranaree Nat March 14, 2018 Thai HIEKATA Kazuo

Analysis of school snack-vending stakeholders: in contributing to better nutrition for schoolchildren in rural Indonesia AVELINO John Erick Bersola September 14, 2018 Filipino SASAKI Jun

Sustainability evaluation of marine protected areas index: benchmarking el nido-taytay managed resource protected area BESSHO Akane September 14, 2018 Japanese YOKOHARI Makoto

Roles of urban agriculture for fostering social inclusion of immigrants: case study of black creek community farm in Toronto, Canada ILIOPOULOS Nikolaos September 14, 2018 Greece Miguel Esteban

Transition to a smarter energy grid: insight on residential energy consumer’s intentions to adopt demand side management and distributed energy resources Md Abdur Rakib September 14, 2018 Bangladeshi SASAKI Jun

Evaluation Of Groundwater Quality, Human Health Impacts And Population Migration Risk In The Southwest Coastal Part Of Bangladesh PADILLA Michael Adrian Triguero September 14, 2018 Filipino ASAMI Yasushi

Assessing the influence of factors associated with the variations in the ability to make progress in climate-sensitive land-use planning of the municipalities in metro manila, philippines: an earth system governance case study QIN Yuanyuan September 14, 2018 Chinese MINO Takashi

System analysis for decision-making in sustainable e-commerce logistics: case study in china TEAH Heng Shue September 14, 2018 Malaysian SUZUKI Aya

Debunking Smallholder Resource Use in the Malaysian Palm Oil Industry VALENZUELA Ven Paolo Bruno September 14, 2018 Filipino Miguel ESTEBAN

Exposing underlying risk: disaster risk awareness in informal coastal settlements with low disaster threats Wang Bingyu September 14, 2018 Chinese OGUCH Takashi

Developing An Integrated Study On Simulating Impact Of Over-Grazing On Grassland Degradation——A Case Study In The Heihe River Basin, China YU Shuangying September 14, 2018 Chinese FUKUNAGA Mayumi

What Possible Transformative Values Nature Education Can Provide Towards A Sustainable Society? A Case Study Of Yunnan Zaidi Nature Education Centre In China

http://www.sustainability.k.u-tokyo.ac.jp/images/Pawara.jpg PAWARA Muhammad Uswah March 25, 2019 Indonesia WASEDA Takuji
http://www.sustainability.k.u-tokyo.ac.jp/images/Nikole-ROLAND-Profile-Picture-1.png ROLAND Nikole March 25, 2019 USA GASPARATOS Alexandros

Water Tensions In Sugarcane Areas Of The Kingdom Of Eswatini Following The 2015-2016 Drought: A Water Access Perspective

http://www.sustainability.k.u-tokyo.ac.jp/images/ss-2.jpg SIBANDA Spencer March 25, 2019 Zimbabwe GASPARATOS Alexandros
http://www.sustainability.k.u-tokyo.ac.jp/images/moe-1.jpg KUMAKURA Moe September 14, 2019 Japanese ONUKI Motoharu

Key Lessons from Small and Medium Craft Beer Breweries For Sustainable Consumption and Production

http://www.sustainability.k.u-tokyo.ac.jp/images/Annie-Photo.jpg CAO Vu Quynh Anh September 14, 2019 Vietnamese MINO Takashi

Adaptation Pathways of Wastewater Treatment Plants to Sea Level Rise

http://www.sustainability.k.u-tokyo.ac.jp/images/chen-junnan-photo-1.jpg CHEN Junnan September 14, 2019 Chinese FUKUSHI Kensuke

Public Awareness Of Dengue Fever And Willingness-To-Pay For Vaccine Of Dengue Fever: Case Study Of South Part Of Taiwan

http://www.sustainability.k.u-tokyo.ac.jp/images/Tuvshin-1.jpg DELGEREKH Tuvshin September 14, 2019 Mongolia DEGUCHI Atsushi

Analysis Of Co-Working Space Management Strategies For Fostering Interaction And Creativity – A Case Of 23 Special Wards Of Tokyo, Japan

http://www.sustainability.k.u-tokyo.ac.jp/images/Maya-Frederika.jpg DHONDT Maya September 14, 2019 Irish YOSHIDA Yoshikuni

The Sustainability Impact Of Autonomous Vehicles

http://www.sustainability.k.u-tokyo.ac.jp/images/KEvin-1.jpg FLORENTIN Kevin Macarius A. September 14, 2019 Filipino ONUKI Motoharu

Resilient Culture Heritage: Implementing A Pre-Disaster Recovery Strategy In Intramuros

http://www.sustainability.k.u-tokyo.ac.jp/images/Ruth-Anne-Gonocruz.jpg GONOCRUZ Ruth Anne September 14, 2019 Filipino YOSHIDA Yoshikuni

Exploring The Influence of Agrivoltaic System On Rice Yield In Japan

http://www.sustainability.k.u-tokyo.ac.jp/images/Photo_JIANG-Yida.jpg JIANG Yida September 14, 2019 Chinese IHARA Tomohiko

Activity CO2 emissions of Japanese households with different characteristics: An evaluation using microdata

http://www.sustainability.k.u-tokyo.ac.jp/images/ritao-2.jpg LYU Ritao September 14, 2019 Chinese SATO Hiroyasu

Exploring Intermittent Contact Oxidation Process for Enhanced In-sewer Purification at Sewer

http://www.sustainability.k.u-tokyo.ac.jp/images/anniemilburn.jpg MILBURN Annie September 14, 2019 British FUKUNAGA Mayumi

Gendered Power and Climate Change: A Critical Discourse Analysis Of The Geoengineering Field

http://www.sustainability.k.u-tokyo.ac.jp/images/Parvina.jpg PASILOVA Parvina September 14, 2019 Uzbekistan Yuto KITAMURA

Sustaining Culture through Intangible Strategies: Case of Uzbek Traditional Clothes

http://www.sustainability.k.u-tokyo.ac.jp/images/Aigerim_Shopenova.jpg SHOPENOVA Aigerim September 14, 2019 Kazakhstan Tomochika TOKUNAGA

Estimating Fresh Groundwater Resources Under Climate Change And Sea Level Rise-Induced Coastal Erosion: A Case Study Of Niijima Island, Japan

http://www.sustainability.k.u-tokyo.ac.jp/images/Sadaf-1.jpg TAIMUR Sadaf September 14, 2019 Pakistan ONUKI Motoharu

Exploring the Impact of Sustainability Education On Cognitive Flexibility Underlying Complex Problem Solving As Sustainability

http://www.sustainability.k.u-tokyo.ac.jp/images/EI_THWE.jpg THWE Ei September 14, 2019 MYANMAR GASPARATOS Alexandros

Assessing The Effectiveness Of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Processes In Myanmar: Case Study Of The Cement Industry In Naypyitaw

http://www.sustainability.k.u-tokyo.ac.jp/images/Igor.jpg VOROSHILOV Igor September 14, 2019 Russian Federation DEGUCHI Atsushi

Evaluation of ICT-based Citizen Participation in Urban Planning and Management – Cases in Moscow City

http://www.sustainability.k.u-tokyo.ac.jp/images/YANG-QINYU.png YANG Qinyu September 14, 2019 Chinese IHARA Tomohiko

Measurement on Heat Balance of Solar Panels and Simulation for Influence of Large-scale Introduction of Solar Panels in Tokyo

http://www.sustainability.k.u-tokyo.ac.jp/images/ZhongZhaozhe-2.jpg ZHONG Zhaozhe September 14, 2019 Chinese Yoshikuni YOSHIDA

Evaluation Of Consumers’ Discrete Choice Model For Sharing Transportation

GPSS Alumni

Doctor Student

Photo Name Graduated Nationality Supervisor Thesis Title
Seyed Ali Kharrazi September 27, 2013 Iranian Masaru YARIME
Psychological and Socio-Cultural Factors Influencing Public Perception and Engagement with Climate Change: Thailand as a Case Study Gregory TRENCHER March 24, 2014 Australian YAREMI Masaru

Co-Creative University Partnerships For Urban Transformations Towards Sustainability: Beyond The Third Mission Through Technology Transfer

Master Student

Photo Name Graduated Nationality Supervisor Thesis Title
Alan Paul OMLIN September 27, 2013 Swiss YARIME Masaru

Efficiency in Evolutionary Systems: The Jevons’ Paradox in Global Marine Shipping Catarina GOMES September 27, 2013 Portuguese Masaru YARIME

Promoting an Inclusive Work Culture for Innovative Corporate Responsibility Strategies
A Case Study in the Luxury Sector

Guillaume TAUZIN September 27, 2013 French YARIME Masaru

Supporting Energy Decision-Making: A Multi-Criteria Analysis of France’s 2025 Electricity Generation Scenarios Hiroki Nagai September 27, 2013 Japanese Associate Professor ONUKI Motoharu

Empirical Research on the grant for Groups of Small and Medium Enterprises toward the Recovery after the Great East Japan Earthquake – Potential Benefit of Forming Groups – Jian Yang September 27, 2013 Chinese Takashi Oguchi

Evaluation of sustainable urbanization based on land cover change detecton from remote sensing data Mamy Lalaina, RAHELINIRINA September 27, 2013 Malagasy Hirokazu YAMAMOTO

Carbon trading scheme as an incentive for precious hardwoods conservation and sustainable forest management in Madagascar Purwadi Hasan Darsono September 27, 2013 Indonesian Prof. YOKOHARI Makoto

Indonesia Urbanism: The Traditional Settlement in Urban Planning, Analysis of Thomas Karsten’s Plan for Bandung City West Java Randa ZIADEH September 27, 2013 Jordanian Prof. YARIME Masaru

Mandating Green Buildings in Dubai – A Multi Stakeholder Perspective – Shakila Madhushani Pathirana September 27, 2013 Sri Lankan Prof. Yarime Masaru

Functions of stakeholders for diffusion of energy efficiency technologies in small and medium sized enterprises: A case study of the Sri Lankan apparel industry Thuon Ratha September 27, 2013 Cambodian Professor Yamamoto HIROKAZU

REDD+ and Tenure Security of Community Forestry: A Case Study of Oddar Meanchey Community Forestry REDD+ Project in Cambodia Ting XUE September 27, 2013 Chinese Makoto YOKOHARI

Distribution and Management Considerations of Raccoon Dogs and Masked Palm Civets in Urban Areas in Japan

YOSHIDA Yumi September 27, 2013 Japanese Kenji FUKUDA

Biological Diversity of Plants and Human Activities in Improving the Environment in the Suburban Coppice Fields – A Case Study in Oaota Forest – ZHANG Beibei March 24, 2014 Chinese ASAMI Yasushi

Housing Abandonment in Japan: Patterns, Dynamics and Policies