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GFE Akita 2015: “Rural Sustainability in Aging Socieities”

Last updated February 19, 2016

Picture 1. Pride and Migration Team conducting a survey at Gojome Primary School


Picture 2. Interview survey by Retail Team at AEON Super Center Gojome


Picture 3. Final presentation by Retail Team at Gojome Asaichi Fureaikan



Aim and Contents

Japan is experiencing rapid aging and shrinking of its population. The impacts of these demographic changes have appeared drastically in economic, environmental, political, and socio-cultural dimensions of rural societies. GFE Akita is designed to provide opportunities to learn the process of examining a complex social phenomenon, like aging society, and designing a relevant field research that is not only academically significant but also socially demanded. By providing opportunities to work with local residents, this unit trains participants' interpersonal competence, which is a critical skill for global leaders.

The unit was implemented from January 23 to 30 with the support of local partners from Gojome town and Akita International University. The unit was composed of two survey groups, which are the Retail group and the Pride and Migration group. Both team conducted various forms of surveys according to their research plans. Both groups were well accepted by local residents and data collection went smoothly. This owes greatly to the support we received from Kosake! Gojome team. The survey results were presented to local residents during the unit. We had more than 120 people joined the reporting session and the team had an opportunity to have feedback from local residents.



rural sustainability, aging society, depopulation, regional revitalization, people's pride, immigration, retail business


Time and Place

Jan 23 - 30, 2016, Gojome-town, Akita prefecture


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