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Global Field Exercise (GFE) Sweden 2016

Last updated February 13, 2017



Aim and Contents

The objective of this GFE program was divided into two groups, and allow the participants to learn about i) sustainable urban development under compact city concept and ii) sustainability education in educational institutes. The program was done through the interviews and field observation. The participants were expected to implement researches and give presentations in Lund University. At the end of the field exercise in Sweden, their final research proposals were: 1) A Comparative Study of Mobility Development in Compact Cities: LRTs in Malmö and Toyama), 2) A comparative study of challenges faced by the two sustainability science graduate programs.


Sustainable urban development team decided to implement comparative study with Malmö and Toyama with cooperation of Malmö University. Malmö and Toyama are similar to their population size and density, and both cities installed public transport system (Malmöexpressen and Toyama LRT) that has similar capacity and function. In the GFE program, the team found out that compact city concept is applied for both shrinking and growing cities, and public transportation can have variety of meanings for compact city development.

The project on graduate program looked at current challenges and opportunities in graduate level sustainability science educational programs to implement collaborative (includes co-design, co-creation, and co-production) and transdisciplinary research endeavor. The project specifically looked at the kind of methods and approaches which can overcome the inhibitors of collaborative (includes co-design, co-creation, and co-production) and transdisciplinary approaches in
these graduate level sustainability science educational programs.

 --- Written by Kyoko Takahashi & Vivek Anand Asokan, GPSS-GLI ---


Keywords of contents

Compact City, Mobility Development, Trandisciplinarity, Graduate program, Sustainability science 


Time and Place

Sep 11-Sep 24, Malmö and Lund, Sweden


Collaborating partners/ organisations


Related faculty members

Shogo Kudo(GPSS-GLI)

Motoharu Onuki(GPSS-GLI)



Poster presentation at the international conference for Sustainable City 2016 (30th Nov - 2nd Dec 2016, Malmo, Sweden), Submission of report by education team to LUCSUS and GPSS-GLI once the comparative study is done. SCD 2016 Poster


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