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(GFE Chiang Mai AY2016)


Sustainable Food System in Chiang Mai, Thailand: Issues and Opportunities
(GFE Chiang Mai AY2016)

Last updated April 07, 2017
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Aim and Contents

During 12 -23 of February 2017, a successful, interdisciplinary collaboration between three schools from three universities (GPSS-GLI, The University of Tokyo, Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University, and Faculty of Agriculture, Chiang Mai University) took place in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Five students from GPSS-GLI along with four students from each of the other two universities joined Global Field Exercise (GFE) Chiang Mai unit held for the first time with the theme of “sustainable food system”. The participants were introduced to Chiang Mai’s landscape and food systems through a two-day introductory excursion to several agricultural and food-related places such as an irrigation dam, rice fields, organic farms, as well as a series of lectures from lecturers and guest speakers.


The unit was held in a workshop style focusing on learning experiences of the students. In the workshop, students with different backgrounds worked together as teams to understand the current situation and ongoing problems related to food systems in Chiang Mai. They visited Longan and vegetable farms as well as various types of markets. Also, they conducted in-depth interviews with farmers and vegetable sellers who are key stakeholders in the food systems. Then as a team, they presented what they found and learnt from the field in the interim presentation session. Faculties gave them feedbacks regarding their presentations, and then the teams used these feedbacks to improve their works which they presented in the final presentation.

 -- Ying Palopakon, Doctoral Student, GPSS-GLI--



Keywords of contents

Chiang Mai, Food system, Safe agriculture, Vegetable farming, Organic products



Time and Place

12-23 Febuary 2017, Chiang Mai, Thailand



Collaborating partners/ organisations

 Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

Faculty of Agriculture, Chiang Mai University, Thailand



Related faculty members

  • Makoto Yokohari
  • Toshinori Terada
  • Toru Terada
  • Kazuaki Tsuchiya
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