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Resilience Exercise Tohoku 2017

Last updated September 08, 2017

Reverent Mr Takahashi, the chief monk of the Kissho Temple (Kirikiri) is explaining his view of reconstruction planning.

RE-Tohoku-2017 Group members with Ms Mio Kamiya and her child ( from the local counterpart - NPO-Oraga) at White Base hotel

Focus group discussion with junior and high school students at Oraga Office in Otsuchi City


Aim and Contents


The fourth Tohoku Exercise on Resilience visited Kirikiri district in Otsuchi, six and half years since the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. The tsunami had run-up heights of up to 20m, which washed away the coastal settlement of Kirikiri. As a result, nearly one fourth of its total population died, and many others subsequently migrated out of the area. Some scholars and practitioners recognized that  business revitalization and reconstruction planning in the Kirikiri district are faster than that of  other districts in the coast of Iwate Prefecture. Seven students from Japan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Samoa and Chile, together with three faculty members explored the anticipatory, adaptive, absorptive, transformative and cultural capacity of Kirikiri people through a set of semi-structured interviews and focus group discussions.The exercise began with a tour of the Otsuchi city by a local counterpart. Interview sessions with local stakeholders provided a holistic understanding of ongoing business revelation and reconstruction planning in Kirikiri district.  Alternative approaches which were used to enhance the resilience against tsunami in other cities of Iwate coast were observed during an excursion from Taro to Rikuzentakata. The exercise ended by students presenting new findings to the local counterpart, NPO-Oraga. 

--Written by Ratnayakage Sameera Maduranga Samarasekara, doctoral student, GPSS-GLI--



Tsunami, resilience, Kirikiri District, reconstruction, business revitalization  


Time and Place

26th August to 4th September, 2017, Kirikiri District, Otsuchi City, Iwathe Prefecture, Japan


Collaborating partners/ organisations

Ms. Kamiya Mio, NPO-Oraga


Related faculty members

Associate Professor Onuki Motoharu

Project Associate Professor Miguel Esteban

Ms. Izumi Ikeda



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