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写真 名前 卒業時期 国籍 指導教員 論文内容 工藤 尚悟 2015/03/24 日本 長尾 眞文

Sustainability of Rural Areas in the Era of Aging Societies

(English) Nadeeka Niranji SATANARACHCHI 2015/03/24 スリランカ 味埜 俊

Conceptualizing Sustainability Dynamics: A Framework for Interface of Complex Dynamics and Sustainability in Human-Natural Systems

Victor Ramil Marius Tronco TUMILBA 2015/11/27 フィリピン 鎗目 雅 

Quantifying Robustness of the Philippine Milkfish Brackish-Pond Resource Network: An Ex-Post Study of Systemic Efficiency and Resilience Gu Jianping 2016/03/24 中国 浅見 泰司

List Price Strategy and Vacancy Rate in Housing Market: Theoretical Model and Its Application to 23 Wards Area in Tokyo Joanne Khew 2016/03/24 シンガポール 横張 真

Contextualizing Urban Biodiversity Conservation: Landscape Perception and Habitat-type Irreplaceability Marcin Pawel Jarzebski 2016/03/24 ポーランド 山本 博一 RYU Hyun Young 2016/03/24 韓国 出口 敦

Transformation of Industrial Cities and Sustainable Urban Development Dan L. NGUYEN 2016/06/30 ベトナム 味埜 俊

高等教育の場におけるサステイナビリィため学生多様性活用 Dyah Fatma 2016/09/16 インドネシア 出口 敦

Uncontrolled Growth and Urban Green Area Provision in Peripheral Cities of Jakarta Metroplitan Area Mahdi K. IKHLAYEL 2016/09/16 ヨルダン 田崎 智弘

Life Cycle Assessment of Integrated E-waste Management Systems for Developing Countries: Assessment in Jordan James Michael Ong 2016/12/31 フィリピン 本田 利器

Exploring the Role of Risk Sharing on Post-disaster Housing Recovery Decision-making in the Philippines Lan Huong Nguyen 2016/12/31 ヴェトナム 福士 謙介

Low-Carbon Watershed Management : Integration of Renewable Energy Supply and Decentralized Wastewater Treatment – A Case Study in Vietnam

Nael Aoun 2017/03/24 レバノン 松田 浩敬

ルワンダにおける農家家計の生計と栄養の多様性・発育阻害 天沢 逸里 2017/03/24 日本 花木 啓介


Sudipta Bhawal Mukherji 2017/03/24 インド 味埜 俊

インド・デリー市の廃棄物管理における市民の知識、参画意欲、および、参加行動に関する研究 草苅 康子 2017/03/24 日本 武内 和彦



写真 名前 卒業時期 国籍 指導教員 論文内容 (English) Bror Martin KARLSSON 2014/03/24 スウェーデン 鎗目 雅

Smart Grid Innovation Processes and The Social Construction of Technology in Japan and The USA Nael Aoun 2014/03/24 レバノン 松田 浩敬 (English) Wonjin JEONG 2014/03/24 韓国 味埜 俊

Investigation on Corporate Practices in Employee Sustainability Education and Their Engagement in Corporate Sustainability

(English) ENDO Tamami 2014/03/24 日本 山路 永司

Comparative Study on Implementation System of Modern Varieties: Nerica in Contemporary Sub-Sahara Africa and Modern Variety Wheat during Green Revolution in Mexico, India, and Pakistan (English) Tomomi Shimizu 2014/03/24 日本 鎗目 雅

Responsible Supply Chain Management as Compliance, Conventional, or Strategic Csr: A Case Study of Conflict Minerals Management in Electronics Companies in Japan, Europe, and The United States

(English) MIHASHI Rina 2014/03/24 日本 鎗目 雅

Integrating Human Capital, Investment, Institution, and Natural Resource: Empirical Evidence for Their Relationships with Economic Growth and Development (English) XU Luyi 2014/09/26 中国 横張 真

The Role of Urbanities in Sustaining Urban Agriculture: A Case Study of Shanghai (English) YIN Shengle 2014/09/26 中国 木村 伸吾

Selection of Suitable Coastal Aquaculture Sites Using Hydrodynamic Model and Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis in Menai Strait, UK (English) ZHOU Tianyi 2014/09/26 中国 堀田 昌英

Analyzing the Impact of Ecological Restoration Projects in Dry Lands: A Case Study on Vegetation Responses and People’s Perceptions in Lower Reaches of Heihe River Basin, China (English) Inggita Utami 2014/09/26 インドネシア 山本 博一

Analysis of Forest Management and External Stakeholder Support: Study of Forest Certification in Indonesian Private Forest (English) Chihiro KIYONAGA 2014/09/26 日本 長尾 眞文

Community Perspectives on Sustainable Community Development in a Mining Area in South Africa 坂口 知己 2015/03/24 日本 高木 健

Marine Spatial Planning for an Ocean Current Power Farm : A Case Study of Tokara, Japan (English) Tiffany Laraine Tan CHUA 2015/03/24 フィリピン 味埜 俊

Refrigerant Management in the Philippines: Problems and Prospects Towards its Sustainability (English) China YAMADA 2015/03/24 日本 横張 真

Redefining Residential Density: Directions for Vacant Lot Management in Shrinking Suburban Environments (English) Jarkko HAVAS 2015/03/24 フィンランド 花木 啓祐

Perceived Landscape Values in the Ogasawara Islands FAN Haibo 2015/09/25 中国 味埜 俊

Augmenting Analysis of Demand, Cost and Benefits of Recycled Wastewater Distribution in Beijing Municipality Yawen Li 2015/09/25 中国 横張 真

Small-Scale Potential Brownfield Regeneration in Tokyo: Soil Contamination Exposure Assessment Phon Dary 2015/09/25 カンボジア 山路 永司

Impact of Smallholders’ Agricultural Cooperatives on Productivity and on Market Participation of Vegetable Farmers in Cambodia and its Sustainability:A Case Study of Svay Rieng Agro-Products Cooperative Rohit Ramachandran 2015/09/25 インド 高木 健

Deployment of Marine Current Energy in Indonesia 高橋今日子 2015/09/25 日本 花木 啓介

Sustainable Lifestyles Evaluation of Lifestyles at a Subruban Area in the Jakarta Metroplitan Area Vivek Anand Asokan 2015/09/25 インド 鎗目 雅 

Flexibility for A Resilient System Ariunzaya Bayarsaikhan 2015/09/25 モンゴル 小貫 元治

Applicability of Social Impact Bond in Japan: An Empirical Study of Yokosuka Adoption Case 鈴木 駿 2015/09/25 日本 田崎 智宏

Enhancing Environmental Load Mitigation Benefits from Clean Energy Vehicle Incentives: In Context of Metro Vancouver SUN Ye 2015/09/25 中国 田崎 智宏

Decomposition Analysis for Multiple Environmental Impacts: Case of Waste Generation and Co2 Emission in Soft Drink Market Phon Dany 2015/09/25 カンボジア 佐々木 淳

Impact of Tidal Inundation on Rice Crop and Adaptation Strategies in Coastal Area of Cambodia: Case Study in Preaek Tnaot Commune, Teak Chhu District, Kampot Province, Cambodia HOSSAIN Md Ashraf 2015/09/25 バングラデシュ 山本 博一

Alternatives to Forest Biomass Fuel for Forest Dependent Communities: A Case Study in South-Western Bangladesh Ma. Laurice P. Jamero 2015/09/25 フィリピン 小貫 元治

Reevaluating the Relevance of Community Participation in Post-Disaster Housing Reconstruction Programs in The Philippines René CASTRO 2016/03/24 コスタリカ 佐藤 徹

Assessing Wave Power for Sustainable Development in Costa Rica: Potential Role within Energy Mix and Comparative Analysis of National Energy Sources through Triple I Index Akampumuza Precious 2016/03/24 ウガンダ 松田 浩敬

Weather Shocks, Rural-Urban Interlinkages and Urban Livelihood Strategies: Evidence from Kumi District of Uganda Aimee Mori 2016/09/16 アメリカ 黒倉 壽

Effects of Household Traits and Micro-Financing Programs on Community Fishery Management in Rural Cambodia Angeli Guadalupe 2016/09/16 フィリピン 渡辺 知保

Post-Disaster Mental Health: An Exploratory Study Among Super Typhoon Haiyan Survivors in Tacloban City, Philippine Liu Jiaqi 2016/09/16 中国 徳永 朋祥 

Tsunami-Induced Seawater Intrusion and Alternative Post-Disaster Water Supply: A Numerical Modelling Study Of Niijima Island, Japan MUASA Lillian Mbinya 2016/09/16 ケニア 松田 浩敬

Assessing Adaptive Capacity to Climate Change and Agricultural Productivity of Farming Households: A Case Study of Makueni County in Kenya Orlando Vargas Rayo 2016/09/16 コロンビア 堀田 昌英

Understanding Governance of Natural Protected Areas Through Social Network Analysis in The National Natural Park Amacayacu, Amazonas Colombia Ricardo Omar SAN CARLOS ARCE 2016/09/16 チリ 小貫 元治

Risk Awareness and Intended Evacuation Behavior of International Tourists in Kamakura City, Japan Sameera Samarasekara 2016/09/16 スリランカ 佐々木 淳

Assessment of the Co-Benefits of Structures in Coastal Areas for Tsunami Mitigation and Improving Community Resilience in Sri Lan Shyam Kularathna 2016/09/16 スリランカ 高木 健

Analysis of Oceanographic Information as A Co-Benefit of Ocean Renewable Energy Projects-A Case Study of Japan’s Ocean Current Power Project Yang Jiaqi 2016/09/16 中国 福士 謙介

Contributing to Sustainable Cities in China: Reduction of Nitrogen Fertilizer Application in Urban Agriculture A Case Study of Tianjin 島村 由香 2016/09/16 日本 松田 浩敬

Transitions of Fertility in Rural Economy-A Case Study of Eastern Province of Rwanda Zhao Sijia 2016/09/16 中国 堀田 昌英

Efficiency Assessment of Renewing Aging Water Supply Pipelines from the Viewpoint of Demographic Changes: A Case Study of Water Supply Service in Kashiwa City 羽根 由里奈 2016/09/16 日本 木村 伸吾

Analyses of Local-Scale Migration of Tuna Species Based on Historical Archives and its Mechanism Related to Oceanic Environmental Fluctuations in Japan Huma Mursaleen 2017/03/24 パキスタン 北村 友人

CASES OF GPSS AND LUMES 古川 範和 2017/03/24 Japanese 小貫 元治





写真 名前 卒業時期 国籍 指導教員 論文内容 (English) Suthirat KITTIPONGVISES 2013/09/27 タイ 味埜 俊

Psychological and Socio-Cultural Factors Influencing Public Perception and Engagement with Climate Change: Thailand as a Case Study

(English) Seyed Ali Kharrazi 2013/09/27 イラン 鎗目 雅


Co-Creative University Partnerships For Urban Transformations Towards Sustainability: Beyond The Third Mission Through Technology Transfer


写真 名前 卒業時期 国籍 指導教員 論文内容
(English) Guillaume TAUZIN 2013/09/27 フランス 鎗目 雅

Supporting Energy Decision-Making: A Multi-Criteria Analysis of France’s 2025 Electricity Generation Scenarios 永井 宏樹 2013/09/27 日本 小貫 元治

Empirical Research on the grant for Groups of Small and Medium Enterprises toward the Recovery after the Great East Japan Earthquake – Potential Benefit of Forming Groups – (English) Jian Yang 2013/09/27 中国 小口 高

Evaluation of sustainable urbanization based on land cover change detecton from remote sensing data (English) Purwadi Hasan Darsono 2013/09/27 インドネシア 横張 真

Indonesia Urbanism: The Traditional Settlement in Urban Planning, Analysis of Thomas Karsten’s Plan for Bandung City West Java (English) Randa ZIADEH 2013/09/27 ヨルダン 鎗目 雅

Mandating Green Buildings in Dubai – A Multi Stakeholder Perspective – (English) Shakila Madhushani Pathirana 2013/09/27 スリランカ 鎗目 雅

Functions of stakeholders for diffusion of energy efficiency technologies in small and medium sized enterprises: A case study of the Sri Lankan apparel industry (English) Thuon Ratha 2013/09/27 カンボジア 山本 博一

REDD+ and Tenure Security of Community Forestry: A Case Study of Oddar Meanchey Community Forestry REDD+ Project in Cambodia (English) Ting XUE 2013/09/27 中国 横張 真

Distribution and Management Considerations of Raccoon Dogs and Masked Palm Civets in Urban Areas in Japan

(English) Alan Paul OMLIN 2013/09/27 スイス 鎗目 雅

Efficiency in Evolutionary Systems: The Jevons’ Paradox in Global Marine Shipping (English) Catarina GOMES 2013/09/27 ポルトガル 鎗目 雅

Promoting an Inclusive Work Culture for Innovative Corporate Responsibility Strategies
A Case Study in the Luxury Sector

吉田 裕美 2013/09/27 日本 福田健二

Biological Diversity of Plants and Human Activities in Improving the Environment in the Suburban Coppice Fields – A Case Study in Oaota Forest – (English) Mamy Lalaina, RAHELINIRINA 2013/09/27 マダガスカル 山本 博一

Carbon trading scheme as an incentive for precious hardwoods conservation and sustainable forest management in Madagascar (English) ZHANG Beibei 2014/03/24

Housing Abandonment in Japan: Patterns, Dynamics and Policies