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Invitation to Prospective Students

Global sustainability, as symbolized by climate change and biodiversity loss, is under threat. In 2007, the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences of the University of Tokyo was the first in the world to establish a graduate program in Sustainability Science with the aim of fostering human resources to tackle global and regional sustainability issues. Graduates of the program are currently working in various parts of the world.

In our program, sustainability science is an approach to identifying global, national, and local sustainability issues through academic studies and proposing solutions. The fields of study range from the natural sciences to the humanities and social sciences. Students will learn the established theorems and analytical methodology in each academic field and use them to solve the sustainability issues at hand.

In carrying out sustainability science, it is also important to incorporate a process of dialogue with people with diverse opinions and values. Social issues are occurring outside the university campus, not inside. Factors that cause problems and obstacles that prevent solutions can only be found through interaction with relevant stakeholders.

In April 2022, a new organization called Sustainable Society Design Center was established under the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences at the University of Tokyo. The Graduate Program in Sustainability Science, which had existed prior to the establishment of the Center, is now positioned under the Center. At Sustainable Society Design Center, researchers, and graduate students from all over the world are working on various research themes to think about the sustainability of society. We invite you to join us in the study of sustainability.

Head, Graduate Program in Sustainability Science,
Center Director, Sustainable Society Design Center, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences
Professor Yasuko Kameyama