Who can be your primary advisor

A great variety of the research area related with sustainability is covered by the Graduate Program in Sustainability Science - Global Leadership Initiative (GPSS-GLI) with the cooperation of the Division of Transdisciplinary Sciences, the Division of Biosciences and six departments (Dept. of Natural Environmental Studies, Dept. of Ocean Technology, Policy, and Environment, Dept. of Environment Systems, Dept. of Human and Engineered Environmental Studies, Dept. of Socio-Cultural Environmental Studies and Dept. of International Studies) in the Division of Environmental Studies (all of the three divisions are under Graduate School of Frontier Sciences), Graduate School of Engineering, Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, Graduate School of Medicine, Integrated Research System for Sustainability Science (TODIAS/IR3S), Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute (AORI) and United Nations University (UNU). Students can find their expected primary advisors from the list of the possible primary advisors nominated from these graduate schools and institutions. Whoever is chosen, students can access a deeply specialized research and education environment within a border/integrated approach.

Especially during the master's program, primary advisors will be determined after enrollment through several individual meetings with different faculty members. Please note that it is possible to eventually choose as primary advisor other faculty members than those nominated at the moment of your initial application. For doctoral program, it is strongly recommended to contact possible primary advisors before application in order to find an appropriate faculty member who can cover the research area in which you are interested.