Supervisor selection process

Graduate Program in Sustainability Science (GPSS) is led by faculty staffs from Sustainable Society Design Center (SSDC), six departments under the Division of Environmental Studies of Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, Institute for Future Initiatives (Univ. of Tokyo), etc. These faculty staffs as a whole cover a great variety of research areas related with sustainability. A list of faculty staffs can be found by clicking the button below. The GPSS students should be able to meet their expected supervisors, who will offer students with deeply specialized research and education environment within a border/integrated approach.

For the master's program, applicants are requested to nominate three faculty members from the list of faculties upon their application. It should be noted that applicants may be assigned a faculty member whom they did not choose.

As for the doctoral program, the applicants must contact faculty staffs they wish to be supervised before application in order to find an appropriate faculty staff who can cover the research area.