Who should apply?

Sustainability science is a field of science which is not yet regarded as a fully established discipline in its own right. Not only that, but we still do not have an accepted definition and understanding of the term "sustainability", even though it has been regarded as one of the indispensable keywords in the future of human beings.

Why? Because "sustainability" is a term which cannot be statically defined but aims to express dynamically changing processes that depend on various social and natural environments. Sustainability science is also a scientific discipline which cannot statically define its identity in a conventional manner. The identity of sustainability science may be nested in the dynamic character in which its domain changes according to contemporary relationships with other neighboring scientific disciplines.

GPSS-GLI is a platform for those who wish to be a part of, and consequently a leader of, dynamically evolving processes of sustainability science. GPSS-GLI welcomes a person who would wish to become an umbrella that warmly accommodates people rather than an individual who wishes to be protected by a ready-made umbrella. We expect our students not to think what sustainability science can provide them, but think what they can do for the future of sustainability science. GPSS-GLI is the place for those who enthusiastically seek the role of a pathfinder in sustainability science.