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Master's Theses / Doctoral Dissertation

All GPSS students are required to complete a master's thesis or doctoral dissertation related to sustainability science as part of the requirements of the compulsory core courses, Master's/Doctoral Research on Sustainability Science.

Master thesis winning GPSS Award in academic year 2019-2023

Date of GraduationNameSupervisorTitle
September, 2019Ruth Anne Tanlioco GonocruzYoshida YoshikuniExploring the Influence of Agrivoltaic System on Rice Yield in Japan
September, 2019Maya Frederika DhondtYoshida YoshikuniSustainability Impact of Autonomous Vehicles
September, 2020Lorenz Ray Ballares PayongaIhara TomohikoLife interrupted: Impacts of Power Interruptions on Quality of Life - Case of Albay Province, Philippines
September, 2021Neil Aaron WatersKimura ShingoA Dynamic Energy Budget Individual-based Model (DEBIBM) for the Japanese Anchovy Engraulis japonicus
March, 2022Huynh Thi Mai LamFukushi KensukeUnraveling mechanisms linking cultural ecosystem services from urban blue spaces and human well-being: A case study in a rapidly urbanising area in central Vietnam
September, 2022Kelvin TangKitamura YutoAssessing conceptions of climate change: An exploratory study among Japanese early adolescents
March, 2023Mark Cel Estopare GonzagaIhara TomohikoLife Cycle Analysis of Household Air Conditioning in Southeast Asia: Exploring the Case of Product Replacement in Households to Achieve GHG Reduction Targets
September, 2023Wenlu WuTerada ToruUnlocking the Hidden Benefits: Evaluating Campus Trees through i-Tree Eco and Public Perception
March, 2024Ching Hei ChiuHonda RikiIntegrating Internal and External Influences on Understanding the Dynamics of Collective Opinion Formation - An Application to Opinions on Nuclear Energy

Recent Doctoral Thesis

Date of GraduationNameSupervisorTitle
September, 2020LOZANO LAZO Denise PatriciaAlexandros GasparatosExploring the sustainability of Municipal Solid Waste Management systems in developing countries through a systems-based approach - The case of a rapidly urbanizing city in Bolivia
December, 2020DOMPREH Eric BrakoAlexandros GasparatosAdoption and impact of certification standards for oil palm and cocoa smallholders in Ghana
September, 2020DAM LAM RodolfoAlexandros GasparatosIndigenous Guna perspectives on sustainable development challenges: A transdisciplinary approach to identify impact interlinkages
September, 2020YANG JaiqiFukushi KensukeStudy on the feasibility of implementing basic income (BI) in Eastern Asian rural context: Case studies of China and Japan
December, 2020Hong HongruAlexandros GasparatosSustainability outcomes of eco-industrial park development in China: evidence from cases in Beijing and Tianjin
March, 2021SALAH ParastooSasaki JunUncertainties In Tsunami Risk Management: A Case Study For The Southern Coasts Of Iran
March, 2021Richard Nathan CrichtonOnuki MotoharuAdaptation To Sea-Level Rise For Coastal Rural Island Communities: A Case Study From The Samoan Islands
June, 2021Gema Carlota Cubelos PerezOnuki MotoharuSocial Design for Inclusive Post-Disaster Recovery: Co-Designing with Vulnerable People After The 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan
September, 2021Iliopoulos NikolaosOnuki MotoharuConsumers as Change Agents for Smart Energy Transition: Multifaceted Determinants of Residential Demand Response Potential in Japan and Canada
September, 2021Ven Paolo Bruno ValenzuelaOnuki MotoharuChallenges to Disaster Risk Governance in Rapidly Developing Megacities: Risk Perceptions of the Middle-Class and Coastal Informal Settlements in Metro Manila, Philippines
December, 2021Wang QiaoImasu RyoichiDevelopment of a sub-daily scale terrestrial biosphere model using satellite data for better understanding of anthropogenic CO2 emissions from Tokyo city and Kantō plain
March, 2022Rohit RamachandranTakagi KenThe Role of Information to Enhance Support for Marine Renewable Energy in a Developing Country: A Case Study of Tidal Energy in Indonesia
March, 2022Takahashi KyokoDeguchi AtsushiEvaluation of Metropolitan Area in Relationship between Urban Livability and Residents'' Life Satisfaction: Case Study of Tokyo Metropolitan Area
September, 2022CAO Vu Quynh AnhOnuki MotoharuAdapting coastal deltaic cities to flooding induced by sea level rise
September, 2022Sadaf TAIMUROnuki MotoharuTransformative Learning Approach to Reform Higher Sustainability Education: An Action Research Study of Design Thinking as Digital Transformative Pedagogy
September, 2022SU JieAlexandros GasparatosA holistic framework for systematic mangrove restoration planning
September, 2022JIANG YidaIhara TomohikoA holistic framework for systematic mangrove restoration planning
September, 2022Ruth Anne Tanlioco GONOCRUZYoshida YoshikuniUtilizing the Nexus of Agrivoltaics on the Rice Paddy Fields of Japan and its Integration in the Power Grid System
September, 2022RAKIB MD AbdurSasaki JunEvaluation of groundwater contamination and impacts on health among southwest coastal communities in Bangladesh: A possible measure to drinking water security
September, 2023WANG QuanliGasparatos AlexandrosSustainability performance of diversification and better management practices for small-scale aquaculture in Bangladesh and Myanmar( バングラデシュとミャンマーにおける小規模養殖の多様化とより良い管理実践による持続可能性パフォーマンス)
September, 2023TANTIWATTHANAPHANICH ThanapanYoshida YoshikuniEvaluating the Environmental Impacts Embodied in Global Food Supply Chain: Vegetable Oils Perspective (グローバルな食品サプライチェーンに内包される環境影響の評価:植物油の観点から)
September, 2023ALEKSEJEVA JelenaGasparatos AlexandrosPotential for CO2 emissions reduction and other sustainability co-benefits through the utilization of roofs in Sumida Ward, Tokyo (東京都墨田区における屋根の活用によるCO2排出量削減とサステナビリティ共同利益の可能性)