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Program Outline

Program Objectives

The graduate program at GPSS is designed to enhance students' capacity to co-design and co-create knowledge, leading to transformative change and helping to realise an inclusive, sustainable society. Additionally, the program aims to nurture students' capacity to co-implement policies based on co-created knowledge with multiple stakeholders and researchers from diverse disciplines. Specifically, the program will produce:

These individuals must possess the ability to bridge academic outcomes from conventional, segmented disciplines, comprehend complex issues related to sustainability from a holistic perspective, and apply these findings to policy making. To support with this, the program provides opportunities for students to expand their networks by utilising the educational resources and international research networks of major universities and research institutions worldwide.

Program Features

Three key words for GPSS are transdisciplinary, inclusivity, and transformative change. Through conducting transdisciplinary research, GPSS aims to cultivate individuals with the capacity to build on existing academic achievements, collaborate with diverse stakeholders, and gain a comprehensive understanding of the complex issues related to sustainability. In order to achieve an inclusive society where no one is left behind, GPSS provides an education that fosters the ability to understand the voices of people with different needs and explore ways to reflect this understanding in policy design and implementation. To implement transformative change, GPSS nurtures individuals who can reduce the dominance of values that relate to individualism and materialism whilst mobilising values that are consistent with a sustainable and inclusive society.