Admission Scheme for Doctoral Course

This page was updated on April, 2024. When there is any change, we will update this website occasionally.

Admission for GPSS (Ordinary Examination Schedule B) only open once a year in November for both October enrollment and April enrollment. (Application in November, 2024 → Enrollment in April or October, 2025)

Admission for GPSS consists of document review and oral examination. No written examination is required. All the entrance examinations will be conducted in English.

Short essays and research plan must be written in English and be enclosed in the application documents. Applicants must prepare well for them.

GPSS requires TOEFL or IELTS score report to be submitted. Please take TOEFL or IELTS test well in advance.

The characteristics (eligibility, application deadline or period, date of enrollment, past results, and so on) of each scheme are summarized in the following table, but please refer to the linked pages for more detailed information.

Important: Please note that applicants residing overseas and who do not hold Japanese residency status at the time of application, cannot enroll in April due to time constraints associated with immigration procedures. Enrollment would be in October.

There is a special admission scheme for those who are eligible for Monbukagakusho (MEXT) Scholarship (Embassy Recommendation). For detailed information, please refer to the following page.

MEXT Scholarship with Embassy Recommendation

Ordinary Examination (Schedule B)

Eligibility Graduated or expected to graduate from a graduate school by March 31 2024 for April 2024 enrollment, and by September 30 2024 for October 2024 enrollment
Scholarship Opportunities Japanese government (MEXT) scholarship **
Examination Fee 30,000 JPY
Application Period (Deadline) November 14 to 20, 2023
Date and Venue of oral Examination End of January, 2024
Venue: Online

Detail will be announced only to the successful applicants of the document review.
Anticipated Entry April 2025 or October 2025
No. of Accepted (No. of Applicants) 2022:5(8), 2021:3(12), 2020:3(5), 2019:3(5), 2018:7(16), 2017:9(17), 2016:11(20), 2015:10(17), 2014:5(17), 2013:6(16), 2012:6(13), 2011:4(10), 2010:2(10), 2009:3(10)

This page is updated in April every year. If you consider enrollment date after above mentioned dates, please wait until next April.
** Please see the detailed process about the scholarship application in the following page for Ordinary Examination (Schedule B).

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